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* Minimum frequency from 3 to 4 visits per week
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Why Should You
Hire Us ?

We are a service you can trust.

Our purpose is to simplify the process of finding and maintaining the essential services needed to keep your Office, Commercial Building, or Facilities...etc. presentable; all the while maintaining a strong commitment to customer service and quality. We strive to create trustworthy, long-lasting relationships through our competitive pricing and high level of service.

We provide environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection solutions

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 100% Clients Satisfaction
  • Premium Service
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions
  • Best Quality
  • Harmful Allergy Free
  • Easy To Book
  • Effective Against Viruses
    & Bacteria
- Why will you choose our services?
Cleaning You Can
See & Feel

1- Communication is key in service

You will always have the option to communicate your concern and needs from the very beginning of your interaction with us and after signing on with our services. Because SayClean is local, we provide our customers with great care. Our representatives call within days of the first walk through to answer all your questions. We make sure our customers are taken care of  whether it’s over the phone, text, or email. Lastly, Sayclean checks in every month with each of our customers, making sure our services meet the standard.

2- Quality Commercial Cleaning services providers

Our employee onboarding program finds and systematically trains our professional cleaning staff to assure our high cleaning standards. Each of our cleaning professionals are provided with high-tech filtration vacuums and microfiber products that can achieve a more thorough removal of dust, pollen, and allergens.

3- Consistency of service each and every time

Business and offices sometimes tend to have experienced a service in the past being very thorough during the first month or two, then the quality begins to decline. At Say Clean we train our employees to practice consistency in services, each clean is done with utmost care and detail. We take the extra steps to ensure every service is carried out in a strategic manner, resulting in quality cleaning each visit.

- Protecting Your Space
Everyday use Janitorial Supplies
Harmfull Allerges

Whether you need services every week or you’d prefer to schedule less frequent visits, we can schedule services at your convenience.

- What Products Do We Use?
Cleaning Products

Our product is safe for children, pets and anyone who is allergic to chemical misting

We exclusively use green-based products that contain no harmful VOC’s, are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, will not harm electronics, and are NSF certified for use “in and around food processing areas,” with no rinsing required.

100%  Safe & Organic products
100%  Eco-Friendly products
- How It Works!
How to Start Cleaning

4 Easy Steps For A Clean And Healthy Environment

Estimate Budget
Request a free estimate on the website or by Phone.
Book an Appointment
Determine the time that suits you
Get Premium
Cleaning Service
Our expertise will come to you to make your area shine
Relax, Enjoy
& repeat
Enjoy the outstanding cleaning service and repeat it regularly
- Client Testimonials
What Our Happy
Clients Say!

We listen to our clients in order to always improve our service to keep all of our clients happy

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Everyday use Janitorial Supplies

Say Clean can deliver and restock products all while offering a great deal of savings.

  • - Toilet Paper
  • – Hand Towels
  • – Paper Towels
  • – Soap Refill
  • – Toilet Seat Covers,
  • - And more…