Commercial Cleaning Services by SayClean

Gyms, Fitness clubs are for customers to get fit, be healthy and feel good physically. The true challenge is keeping the club clean for the customers while doing their exercises/workouts. Hire our Say Clean team to take care of this for you while you focus on keeping your clients fit. We specialize in cleaning all areas of fitness centers such as the Facilities we service training area, pool area, showers, locker room…etc. We ensure fitness machines and weight training equipment are wiped down and sanitized on a daily basis.

Minimum Requirement

At least 10,000 sq ft or more
At least 4 to 5 times per week
Minimum 6-8 hour per day for 1 person, 3-4 hour per day  for 2 persons
Cleaning service we offer for
Fitness Centers & Gym
What we do to
Fitness Centers & Gym
  • Dust and wipe down surfaces
  • Vacuum Carpeted areas
  • Clean and Sanitize Restrooms
  • Mop and clean Floors
  • Replace trash bins
  • Restock Paper products