The best Hard Surface Floor Commercial Care Services for Veterinarians in Southern California by SayClean

Veterinarian clinics are spaces where the health and well-being of our furry friends are the top priority. At Say Clean, we recognize the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitary environment in veterinary clinics. Our specialized cleaning teams are trained to handle the unique challenges presented by these facilities.

We use pet-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products to ensure the safety of animals in our care. From cleaning examination rooms and waiting areas to disinfecting surgical suites and kennels, Say Clean maintains the highest standards of cleanliness. Our commitment to hygiene not only promotes the health of the animals but also provides a welcoming atmosphere for pet owners. Trust Say Clean to deliver exceptional cleaning services that contribute to the overall well-being of your veterinary clinic.

Other Cleaning services we offer for "Veterinarians" sector

What we do to “Veterinarians” in the “Hard Surface Floor Care” service

  • Dust and wipe down surfaces
  • Vacuum Carpeted areas
  • Clean and Sanitize Restrooms
  • Mop and clean Floors
  • Replace trash bins
  • Restock Paper products

Minimum Requirement

At least 10,000 sq ft or more
Minimum frequency from 3 to 4 visits per week  
Minimum 4 to 6 hours per day