The best Disinfection Commercial Cleaning Services for Recreation Centers in Southern California by SayClean

Recreation centers are bustling hubs of activity, where people of all ages come to stay fit and have fun. Keeping these spaces clean and inviting is essential for a positive user experience. At Say Clean, we specialize in cleaning and maintaining recreation centers, including gyms, swimming pools, sports courts, and more.

Our dedicated cleaning teams are equipped to handle the unique cleaning challenges presented by these facilities. We clean and sanitize exercise equipment, locker rooms, and communal areas to ensure a healthy and enjoyable environment for patrons. With Say Clean's services, your recreation center can maintain its reputation as a clean and vibrant space where people come to stay active and engaged.

What we do to “Recreation Centers” in the “Disinfection” service

  • Dust and wipe down surfaces
  • Vacuum Carpeted areas
  • Clean and Sanitize Restrooms
  • Mop and clean Floors
  • Replace trash bins
  • Restock Paper products

Minimum Requirement

At least 10,000 sq ft or more
Minimum frequency from 3 to 4 visits per week  
Minimum 4 to 6 hours per day