5 Signs You Should Replace Your Commercial Cleaner

When hiring cleaning services, you must put yourself up to the standard you genuinely want to achieve. This way, you’re able to assess if your current office cleaning service can keep up with your needs. Additionally, you can determine if your current cleaning service can deliver on its promises. 

Here are the signs that it's time to hire a new office cleaning company and what to look for when making the decision!

Sign 1: Low Cleaning Service Fees

If your commercial cleaning service charges you inexactly or plays price games, it's time to find a new one. The best commercial cleaning services are always open and honest. Transparent pricing not only helps you compare office cleaning bids but also helps you and your cleaning company determine the scope of work covered. 

A lack of pricing transparency is a bad sign. They usually imply inexperience or deliberate deception. As a result, you will either be unable to find work to keep your office clean or be forced to change your office cleaning budget. Clear and transparent pricing allows you to make informed facility decisions.

Sign 2: Incompetent Cleaning Company Staff and Personnel

It's time to move on when your office cleaning company's personnel problems become yours. If they cut corners on people or processes, the upkeep of your office cleaning service may suffer. 

Businesses that engage in illegal subcontracting, hire illegally, cut savings during the hiring, screening, or training process are more likely to disregard necessary safety safeguards and best practices. You deserve a proactive cleaning service that protects both your and their reputations and is entirely transparent.

Sign 3: Security Lax of Your Office Cleaners

It is vital to safeguard your facility. For office cleaning services, a lack of security knowledge is a red flag. Reputable office cleaning companies do not engage in illicit subcontracting or recruiting. 

No office cleaning firm will skimp on personnel background checks, drug testing, or drug screening. As a result, each employee who enters your premises has been subjected to a thorough background check. ​

Sign 4: No Training Provided

Professional office cleaning provides required training to help with overall services. Investing in staff development is one of the most effective ways to ensure the success of a firm. In today's increasingly intricate and technologically driven economy, even low-skilled occupations necessitate competent training. 

Not only do well-trained office cleaners work more efficiently, but they also love their jobs more. If your present office cleaning firm focuses little emphasis on employee training, it's time to choose a new one.

Sign 5: High Janitorial Turnover

Employee turnover is never really a good thing, especially for the office cleaning industry. A steady influx of new staff assures that you never get the benefits of longevity and experience. As a result, your return on investment is smaller. 

Similarly, an excessive number of new faces increases both reasonable and irrational security fears. On the other hand, an office cleaning firm may help reduce turnover and encourage personnel to stay with adequate training, management, competitive compensation, and perks. If the faces of your office cleaning services change frequently, it's time to make a change.


Especially at this time, disinfecting is paramount to any office cleaning procedure. As these few telltale signs may not tell you everything, they must tell you enough. While you assess whether or not you’re happy with the service of your office cleaning company, keep this list in mind. With this, you’ll eventually learn the point of comparison brought by your standards and other cleaning services. 

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