How To Properly Clean Linoleum Floors

Many business owners choose linoleum flooring for their shops or facilities because they’re both cheap and fairly easy to install. To maintain the look of your linoleum flooring and enjoy it for a long time, you need to include it in your daily cleaning routine.

But how do you clean a linoleum floor? Say Clean Commercial Cleaning shares a quick guide on proper linoleum cleaning and maintenance:

General Cleaning Directions

1. Use a microfiber mop to remove dust and get rid of debris in high-traffic parts of the house.

2. Make sure you vacuum or at least use a soft-bristled broom to remove hard-to-remove debris at least once a week.

3. Mop the floor with a solution of a gallon of hot water, one cup of vinegar, and several drops of dishwashing soap. After. Mop again, this time with just a clean, damp mop.

4. Make sure that there’s no standing water on the surface. Dry any spills immediately.

What To Do With Spills, Stains, Or Scuff Marks

Spot-cleaning spills immediately and rinsing the area using cool water are necessary to ensure that there won’t be any lasting stains on the floor surface. You should also make sure that you remove all the stains using a nylon brush because when pigments set, they’re going to be hard to remove.

To bring back the shine, you can wash and polish the area after spot-cleaning. Note, however, that there may be some type of stains that are permanent and require repair.  For scuff marks, you might want to try making a baking soda and water paste that you can apply to the marks and then scrub gently but with pressure. If the scuff is tougher, you can also try applying WD-40 or baby oil onto the stain directly and rubbing it to lift it a bit before you scrub it off. Again, make sure you rinse and dry the area thoroughly.

Polishing After Cleaning Linoleum Floors

You need to polish a linoleum floor both to protect it and to keep it looking new for as long as possible. When you notice that the surface of your linoleum flooring has become somewhat dull due to wear and traffic, it means it’s time for a polish. Perform the general cleaning steps before proceeding with polishing the floor.

Wait until the floor is thoroughly dry then apply one or two coats of polish that is recommended by your linoleum floor manufacturer. Make sure that the first layer of polish is completely dry before the second coat application. Be extra careful not to run the applicator over an area more than once as this could result in streaking.

Cleaning Linoleum Floors With Vinegar

Can you really use vinegar to clean your linoleum floor? Yes, you can. Vinegar is gentler than most chemical solutions used for floor cleaning so they’re better for linoleum floors. Its low acidity also ensures that the linoleum’s finish won’t be damaged. You should always mix vinegar with water so it won’t be that concentrated. You can even squeeze a lemon as the juice will give off a citrus smell when you clean the floor.

Preventive Care For Your Linoleum Floor

You can avoid scratches and scuff marks by placing doormats right outside the door and rugs inside where people can get rid of soil and dirt from their shoes. You should also consider using felt pads on the bottom of the legs of your furniture.


Linoleum floors don’t require complicated cleaning procedures but it needs regular cleaning to ensure that it lasts long. Because it’s your place of business, though, you still might want to get the help of professionals who can provide you with deep cleaning services and disinfecting to ensure that your floor is clean and free from virus and bacteria which we are all concerned about these days.

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