Preparing For Post-COVID School: Effective Cleaning Tips

Over the last year, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about the COVID-19 virus. Scientists and medical experts teamed up to develop vaccines to help stop the transmission of the deadly disease. At the same time, other prevention methods, such as the appropriate cleaning techniques and disinfection protocols, were set in place to support the prevention measures to limit viral transmission.

As people look forward to the world easing itself into the “new normal” post-pandemic state, we all anticipate when children will be able to go back to school. If you run a school, you should be getting ready to open your doors for face-to-face classes soon. Knowing how to properly clean, sanitize and disinfect your school will go a long way. If you are making preparations for the opening of your educational facility, here are the best cleaning tips for your classrooms and common areas!

Preparing For Post-COVID School: Effective Cleaning Tips

1 – Clean High-Touch Areas With Soap And Water

There are certain areas of the school that will be touched more frequently than others. Such areas as doorknobs, seats and chairs and the tops of tables should be cleaned thoroughly and continually to reduce the risk of spreading any virus spores or bacterial infections in these areas.

2 – Use EPA-Registered Cleaning Products

EPA-registered cleaning products should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that they will effectively disinfect the area. Following the recommended usage will help ensure that the maximum effectiveness of the product will be used in the disinfecting measures of the school.

3 – Schedule Routine Cleaning And Disinfecting

It may also be within your best interest to hire a professional cleaning service to do the dirty work (excuse the pun) for you. There are cleaning companies that specialize in the cleaning and disinfection of schools. These professionals will know what you expect them to do and clean your premises to the standard set by health experts.

4 – Train Teachers And Staff On Proper Cleaning Protocols

Having a clearly defined strategy on how your school’s teaching and non-teaching staff should handle the cleaning and disinfecting protocols should be a must, especially if you are thinking about opening your doors for face-to-face classes next school year. Ensure that adequate safety protocols are in place for the staff that continue to come in for work despite the pandemic.

5 – Encourage Minimum Health And Hygiene Guidelines

Lastly, it is imperative that you set health and safety guidelines and rules for anyone who comes to your school. You must wear masks and practice frequent washing of hands to avoid the spread of the virus. These rules will apply to students, parents and all the staff employed at the school.


Your school should have solid cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place before you open your doors for children next school year. If all else fails, hiring a reliable cleaning company to come and clean and sanitize all the public areas of your school will ensure that everything gets cleaned thoroughly and no trace of virus spores will be left.

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