What to Prepare before Getting Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services may do wonders for any company. Floor buffing, carpet cleaning, pressure washing of windows, custodial services, and more are included in commercial cleaning services. This can help keep your company safe, clean, and trustworthy to your customers.

To prepare for commercial cleaning services, there are a few fundamental things you should do.

Consulting with the Company

Consultation with the cleaning company is the first step in getting your business ready for commercial cleaning. You can book one-time thorough cleanings or particular jobs like ductwork inspection and cleaning as part of your usual nightly services, such as trash removal and floor cleaning.

During your initial consultation, the commercial cleaning company will tell you what you need to do to prepare your business for commercial cleaning.

Notifying Your Team

You need to let your staff know that you've opted to get the business cleaned commercially. 

Knowing that there is a nighttime cleaning team coming in or the office will be cleaned when they are not there, employees may choose not to leave delicate or personal items at work. This helps prevent the loss or damage of essential items as the cleaning company goes through its task.

Your team can also prepare by cleaning and organizing their desks beforehand.

Clearing Your Workspace

Everyone has a unique workspace set up. You may have stray paper, pencils, and other items on your desk in an average office. It is best to clear out your workspace so that the cleaning company can wipe these off and sterilize them effectively.

Clearing the Clutter on the Floor

Floors must be as free of clutter as possible since business cleaning services include floor buffering or carpet cleaning. Even though heavy furniture is rarely moved for routine cleaning, boxes, briefcases, personal space heaters, and other similar items should be unplugged and transferred to provide the cleaning business full access to the floor space.

When the cleaning company performs a deep clean, you and your staff may be required to relocate chairs and furnishings to a separate room, place trash cans on workstations, and upturn chairs on desks or worktops to provide the cleaning company full range access.

Temporarily Transferring Items on Shelves and Walls

Many companies decorate their workstations, shelves, and countertops with photos and plants. While it's fine to show plants and photographs at the workplace, it's necessary to remove them during a commercial cleaning. 

The cleaning firm will dust shelves, wipe countertops, and wash the walls and windows. These items may get in the way or get damaged during these tasks.

Clearing Out the Bathrooms, Entryways, and Corners

Keep in mind that the cleaning firm may be doing floor and wall cleaning, pressure washing, inspecting the air ducts, and other maintenance in restrooms, lobbies, cloakrooms, copy rooms, and storage rooms. It is best to clear out these rooms to ensure easy access for sanitation and deep cleaning.


Businesses rely on their image to keep their customers and attract new ones. Cleaning services for commercial properties help create a positive image in the minds of potential customers. Having a clean and professional-looking business helps make a good impression on your clients.

It is essential to consider getting commercial cleaning services from a reputable company. Even if you have an in-house team, it's possible to use commercial cleaning services for thorough sanitation and deep cleaning.

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