Important Office Cleaning Protocols to Keep In Mind

Cleaning companies should understand that proper etiquette should be followed when cleaning open office spaces in smaller businesses or private offices. Some of these rules one should remember include:

Coming on Schedule

You and the cleaning company should always be on time. Your cleaners can be late on occasions, but you should demand a reasonable time frame for service. Additionally, they should respect your time.

Respecting Privacy

The cleaners should be respectful of the workplace. They should not make small talk or engage in conversation if you are not present. The cleaners should also avoid photos of you or your workers.

Gum Removal

If you or one of your workers drops gum on the floor, inform the cleaner. If you or one of your workers drops a gum on the floor, avoid stepping on it and make sure it is removed. This can save your cleaners from unnecessary frustration.

Locking Up

It is important that the cleaners know how to lock up after leaving work. This is to ensure the security of the building. Make sure the cleaners follow the proper protocol when going.

Consent and Permission

You should make sure your cleaning company has consent and permission before they can enter your office. They should also be allowed to enter without prior notice.

Talking to the Owner

If they want to talk to the owner, they should call first and make prior arrangements. The maintenance workers should not let cleaning companies into office spaces without your permission.

Privacy of Office Supplies

They should respect the privacy of your supplies. If they find something they want to use or need to use, they should ask you for permission first. Additionally, when cleaning open office spaces, cleaners should avoid going into private offices unless the cleaning is specifically requested to do so.

Not Moving Furniture

Always respect the owner’s property. The cleaner should not move furniture or rearrange office items. The cleaner should always put back items they may have used to clean the space.

Taking Notes

It is a good idea to have notes made about the cleaning experience. You can have the cleaner write down or note any issues or problems. They can also write down any specific instructions that are given.

End of Service Protocols

It is a good idea to have protocols in place regarding how the cleaning should be finished. You may want to have your cleaning company close doors, turn off lights, and ensure no trash is left behind. There are other things to follow when cleaning open office space; however, you also have to remember to have fun with it. You should allow your workers to enjoy a nice, clean office floor. 


Whether you work in a small office or a large business, it is essential to make sure your office is clean and safe. You do not want to put yourself or your workers at risk of getting sick or damaging your company's property.

Additionally, it is vital to make sure your company is presentable to others and clients. The cleanliness of your office can make or break a client or a business deal. The cleaner you keep your office, the more successful your business will be.

The best way to ensure a clean office is to invest in a cleaning company. Open offices are even more important to keep clean and presentable. Many cleaning companies and office maintenance companies can clean your open offices. Make sure they have all the necessary experience to clean open offices.

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