Janitorial Vs Commercial Cleaning Services: Which To Choose?

Did you know that the cleanliness of any establishment affects its tenants in various ways? Yes, commercial buildings must keep their premises clean at all times to provide employees a conducive working space because many of them go in and out daily. Typically, commercial establishment owners and tenants have their own janitorial staff to handle the cleaning. If not, they can still outsource the job to commercial cleaning services instead.

Janitorial and commercial cleaning services are often mistaken to have the same jobs. Although some cleaning companies also provide janitorial services, their tasks are specialized for bigger and more complex upkeep for the establishment’s cleanliness and orderliness. This is why knowing the differences between these two will help decide the right one for a building’s needs.

In this article, we will share more about the differences between janitorial and commercial cleaning services:

Janitorial Services

Janitorial or custodial services will depend on the company they work for, but they are generally responsible for the daily cleaning of the premises. This includes, but is not limited to, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming for dust, disinfecting the surfaces, tidying storage rooms, and cleaning bathrooms. Minor repairs or a few facilities maintenance might be also included in their services.

Since companies employ their janitorial services, they receive regular requirements, such as payroll, sick leave, paid leave allowances, taxes, and insurance. This also means that they only work during core business hours and are paid a full-time wage for the entire day, even if only a few repair jobs or cleanup are needed to be taken care of. Although custodians are helpful during the time they are onsite, a downside is that emergency cleanups and repairs could possibly interrupt the daily happenings in the building. It may be a blocked or narrowed walking pathway, or an unavailable elevator for maintenance, or a closed bathroom for cleaning.

Furthermore, janitorial employees do not need formal training because these practices can be learned through instructions, mentoring, and hands-on experiences.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are responsible for the specialized tasks that custodians don’t usually take care of. These are more difficult and more complex jobs, such as window washing, hard floor deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, or power cleaning. These types of maintenance typically only get done once or twice a year because they are performed on a larger scale and come with safety and health regulations due to the potentially hazardous conditions and materials.

Because of the risks involved, commercial cleaners are required to have the proper training and experience to safely carry out these bigger tasks. Putting out inexperienced janitorial staff to do these jobs will put them at a lot of risks, not to mention the possible lawsuits in case of an emergency.

Also, hiring a commercial cleaning business means that you don’t have to pay regular full-time wages and other requirements received by the janitorial staff. A professional contractor will likely include a fixed rate or a flat-rate fee, depending on the company’s services and the frequency of these services. Ultimately, they can be scheduled to work at the most convenient time to avoid intervening in the normal working hours.


The cleanliness of your building is highly important at all times. Now that you know more about the differences between janitorial and commercial cleaning services, make sure that you find an effective cleaning services company that takes care of all your cleaning needs. This is especially now that cleaning also involves the elimination of invisible viruses.

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