Janitorial Best Practices for Improved Business Performance

At the most basic level, the term best practice refers to professional methodologies and procedures accepted as the most effective within a particular industry. With that, these often serve as a benchmark that companies and organizations use to evaluate other techniques and practices they implement.

In the janitorial industry, best practices involve procedures that focus on relevant factors such as efficiency, responsiveness, and professionalism. But unlike other sectors that give attention to initiatives meant to serve clients better, these principles put more emphasis on improvements within the organization first.

Understandably, though, these best practices are tailored this way due to the distinctive nature of how service providers operate. Since janitorial companies only have their skills and expertise to offer clients, the focus of business methodologies will definitely differ from the norm.

And if you’re particularly curious about what makes them unique, here is a brief list of some of the janitorial best practices that cleaning professionals perpetually follow:

1. Systemized People Processes

Without a doubt, the most valuable and significant resource of a janitorial service pertains to employees who do the cleaning. As such, best practices require that professional janitorial companies integrate a straightforward systemized procedure for all elements of their people processes. From recruiting to hiring, you must then have a means to thoroughly examine and evaluate each candidate before welcoming them within your organization.

Furthermore, it’s necessary to expend time and effort to train and educate employees. This doesn’t just increase the chance of your staff members to constantly yield desirable results, but also provide them with valuable knowledge to build their career!

2. Fair and Transparent Pricing

Under the umbrella of the best practices for professional cleaning services, transparent pricing is the second most crucial element of a reliable service provider. Because of this, you must exercise transparent pricing that gives your clients and customers a full view of what exactly they’re paying for.

Note that clear pricing necessitates that you give clear work orders without hidden charges. In doing so, you’re not only gaining the trust of your clients but also making it easier to compare competing cleaning bids!

3. Commitment to Health and Safety

Health and safety are the very foundation of the cleaning industry. So, as a janitorial service, you must have a firm commitment to these principles. However, it’s also critical to note that this obligation stretches beyond your clients, as you must safeguard your employees as well.

Remember that your commitment must be evident inside and outside of your organization. This means that you shouldn’t just focus on providing services that cater to such virtues but also implement campaigns to promote them in your workplace!


Keep in mind that the best practices do not just serve as a guideline that companies must follow mindlessly. These methodologies have been proven and tested many times over, and they’re known to yield satisfying results each time. For this reason, most janitorial agencies have made these techniques the core of their business operations. So if you’re looking to improve or boost the performance of your cleaning service, then it would be helpful to take note of the best practices in the field like the ones above!

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