Boutique Office Cleaning Vs Building Care

What Type Of Office Cleaning Is The Best Fit Your Office?

Not all office cleaning companies provide the same type of service and your office is likely unique in some way, shape, or form.  The type of cleaning that is involved for larger offices is usually just the bare essentials. With offices that are tens of thousands of square feet, the time, cost, and resources required to regularly perform a detailed clean would likely not make sense for either party.

Because of this, it is very important that you as a business owner or office administrator think about what cleaning needs your office requires, and communicate these requests to prospective cleaning companies.

Here Are Some Things That You Should Consider:

  • Are trash and restrooms all that is required?  Or are you looking for a more detailed clean?
  • Do you have a preference in the cleaning chemicals that are used?  Larger commercial companies will likely use their same chemicals on all of the offices that they clean.  They do this for automation and to measure usage levels, while smaller cleaning companies or companies that clean smaller offices will likely be more flexible to meet each customer’s needs.
  • What frequency of cleaning works best for you?  The more frequent the clean, the more affordable each clean ends up being, but it increases your monthly cost.
  • Are you looking for after hours cleaning? Or would you prefer a crew to come during business hours?  Many commercial cleaning companies only provide after hours cleaning, so it is important to ask!
  • With billing are the services due on receipt? Invoiced monthly? Discounted for prepayment of services? Is there a contract/ commitment period?  It is important to discuss all of this prior to beginning services or entering a contract.
  • How is the communication structured?  Is there an account manager, a team lead, or receptionist that then communicates feedback and schedule changes to the cleaning crew?

The most important thing is to identify your office cleaning needs and to communicate them with prospective or current cleaning companies.  Effective communication, particularly when beginning service with a company will allow for a long term business relationship. So in the early stages, give relevant feedback, take note of how the company responds to the feedback (make sure that it is acknowledged), and most importantly that your feedback results in an improvement in service.