Common Areas Of Your Apartment Building That Need Cleaning

Apartment buildings can be a bit intimidating to clean, and that can be attributed to their size. But despite that, you may still be able to manage it all if you have an efficient cleaning plan. The only thing you’d have to worry about is the common areas, as they usually contain most of the amenities that both you and the other usual cohabitors will go to daily.

That said, knowing how to handle these common areas will not only make the cleaning task more manageable for you but will allow you to tend to them faster. Here are some of the most common areas that need cleaning and what you can do to maintain them in tiptop shape:

The Shared Restrooms

Shared restrooms may probably be one of the most used sections of your apartment building. These spaces can get dirty over time due to the daily use of countless people who happen to be occupying and visiting the facility.

Analyze which days have the most number of people in that area, and plan out a strategy regarding the level of cleaning you are going to do to it. For example, if only a few people use the restroom on Wednesdays, a couple of repetitive wipes, floor mopping, and trash disposal may do the trick. However, if Fridays are mostly jam-packed, you may have to do a full-on cleaning after the day has ended.

By doing this, you will be able to pace yourself and set your expectations well enough to prepare for the cleaning tasks.

The Elevators

Another section that often garners interactions from the building visitors is the elevators. The buttons, the handles, and the floors can all get dirty if you’re not going to clean them regularly.

You may have to focus on the buttons for this one, knowing that germs and bacteria can be transferred through touch. Wipe the switches clean so that there will be no chance for these germs to spread.

The Lobby Desk

Every day, countless guests and patrons would line up in front of the lobby desk to inquire about a couple of things and book an appointment. Whatever their reason may be, the constant leaning on the desks may result in sweat marks and dubious amounts of germs.

In that case, it is your job to make sure that it is regularly wiped clean and sanitized. This is important, especially if it’s made up of wood. These markings may damage the varnish and overall aesthetics of your lobby desk.

The Furniture

This is crucial for your receiving area since this is where most of your guests will be sitting down to wait for their family or friends. The soft furniture should be dusted off deep into the night, as with the carpet below it.

An appropriate amount of carpet shampoo may remove that pesky stain caused by a guest’s morning coffee. Doing this will also prevent your lobby or receiving area from triggering any of your guests’ allergies.


The examples above are just some of the most common areas of your apartment building that require utmost care and attention. While a single person can manage some, you may also ask for help whenever you feel that the cleaning tasks are becoming too overwhelming. So as long as you analyze your cleaning areas properly, prepare the necessary materials, and the time your cleaning routine, you will never miss any dusty spot again.

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