6 Best Practices to Keep the Office Clean

Working in an office space is a commitment in its own right. It can be stressful, annoying, and very hectic. That’s why it’s so important to keep things clean. Doing so can make things a whole lot easier. When you’re at work, you’re usually working on a deadline, which means there’s no time to stop and clean. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep things clean and organized, so you don’t run the risk of causing any problems for the people around you.

While it’s impossible to control all of the germs, dirt, and bacteria in a common office space, there are plenty of steps you can take to prevent your workspace from becoming a germ and dirt fest. 

1. Keep Disinfectant Wipes Handy

Don’t expect to be able to get away with not cleaning your tables and desk completely. They (especially your keyboard) can quickly become home to gross germs. In order to avoid having to thoroughly clean your workspace every time you need to get something done, keep disinfectant wipes handy. They’re able to clean dirt and germs without the use of harsh chemicals. They’re great for use on your keyboard and other surfaces around the office.

2. Always Clean Your Workstation

You should always make sure to clean your workstation before and after work. You’ll want to regularly clean off your keyboard and computer screen, so they’re free of germs and dirt. Don’t forget to frequently clean your desk and furniture. It’s best to clean your workspace at the end of the day when you won’t be interrupted by others. After cleaning, be sure to wipe down your workstation with disinfectant wipes.

3. No Eating In the Office

You probably don’t want to eat in the office any more than you want to share your dirty keyboard with your coworkers. Eating food at work can be really unprofessional. It’s usually frowned upon by office managers. If you must eat, at least try to do so outside of the office or in the designed pantry or break room.

4. Wash Your Hands

Just as you’d clean your keyboard and computer screen, you also want to make sure you’re regularly washing your hands. Avoid hand sanitizer, which can contain harmful chemicals, and instead use a natural, soap-based sanitizer. You should also always make sure to wash your hands after you use the bathroom and before you eat. Germs and bacteria can easily be spread this way.

5. Create a Community Cleaning Supply Bin

Supplies like paper and tape get used very frequently in the office. In some cases, this even includes cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes and paper towels. Rather than allowing these supplies to get lost or misplaced in office supply cabinets, you should create a cleaning supply bin. Employees can completely clean off their workstations, do their dishes, and more with the supplies in the bin.

6. Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you work in an office, it’s likely you’ll have to clean often. While it’s nice to clean the office yourself for the sake of the environment, it can be really time-consuming and demanding. You’ll have to clean everything, which can be quite bothersome. If you do decide to hire a professional commercial cleaning service, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and energy. They’ll be able to clean everything in your workspace, including the walls, windows, and more.


Cleaning and maintaining a healthy office space can be a full-time job in and of itself. If you rely on a professional commercial cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about the task taking over your life. They’ll be able to clean your workspace and make sure it’s always office-ready.

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